I’m an Interaction Design major in my fourth year at Northeastern University, a school that has stolen my heart in a city that never fails to amaze me. I’m a long time lover of illustration and clean, intentional layouts, but my biggest passion lies in UI/UX design. I’m inspired by design that strives to improve people’s experiences, and I’m obsessed with the problem solving that goes on behind the screens people see. Stepping into the user’s shoes to curate a smart experience that just makes sense is my favorite part of the design process. Most recently, I’ve been really into hand lettering, bright colors, and learning how to code (which is quickly becoming a whole new source of inspiration/passion/headaches).

When I’m not fussing over vector points, you can find me getting excited about dogs, tagging my friends in memes, using outdated slang, and daydreaming about Georgetown Cupcakes. Probably all at the same time.